Monday, July 12, 2010

Dogs and Houses

I have a new dog now. No, it's not Perry. He isn't new. She's really sweet and cuddly. She looks like a black lab puppy, but is fully grown. We think she's part wiener dog. She's mostly adorable. We got a new house, Perry and I. It's pretty awesome. We live in Eagan now. I'm glad to be back. I really like the area and quietness, but closeness to the cities. Lisa lives just down the road so it's even more awesomeness! I will send pictures later, but it's an end unit townhome. We both get garages (that's my favorite).

So Daria, my pup, has a few great qualities to her:

1. She likes to cuddle.
2. She's not a barker.
3. She's permanently stuck looking like a puppy.
4. She loves everyone and everything.
5. She is a great spider and moth hunter.

The only thing that concerns me is that once in a while she will over estimate the amount of space she has around her and accidentally hit her head on something. Like a wall. But whatever. It makes me laugh.


  1. HOORAY! You're back at it again! (At least for this post...)

    You have such a fun style in your blogging. I love your semantics; you make me laugh! I think that Daria and I will get along quite well, although I probably shouldn't be trusted to take her for a walk. I, too, have been known to underestimate distances and frequently bang my head into things. I can just picture us strolling along a pleasantly shaded Eagan cul-de-sac and walking smack-dab into a mailbox. I'll whack my face on the box; Daria will help when she hits the post. Not good.

    Oh, and welcome to the neighborhood :)

  2. Another HOORAY. Maggie is back. Well it might last and may inspire others. I'm a facebook noob