Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day!

It was my first day at my new school! I forgot my breakfast, lunch, water bottle, and sweater. So far, I've had four packets of Target brand fruit snacks. They are not filling.

All of my students are Hmong. So I'm still a minority. But it's cool. The kids are super nice. And QUIET. There were times I couldn't deal with the lack of response. My honors and last two hours are pretty talkative. They seem excited for the class. I have only 5 students in my last hour and they all told me I was cool (I'm honored).

I got tons of new clothes too! I can dress cute again (since I'm expected to practically wear a suit). But it's cool, I'm now buying earrings and accessories for the first time and wearing cute clothes again.

I'd like to slow down though. I've got so much going on with my personal life. I feel like I still haven't finished moving and I'm running everywhere for everything. It's been a little crazy. This last weekend we went to the State Fair. Craziness. But I got some sweet free stuff. Like magnets. Perry and I took our adopted daughter, Porsha, with and it was amazing. Especially since she has never been to the fair. At the fair, she touched for the first time: cow, sheep, pig, horse. Foodwise I had: funnel cake, pronto pup, Tiny Tim mini donuts, Sweet Martha cookies. I feel like there was more, but I can't remember.