Saturday, February 13, 2010

The start of class and a new blog

I decided it was time to start over. I was tired of my last blog and am working on setting this one up. I felt it was unfair for my students to write in their blog three times each week, so I decided I would too. Mostly I will respond to the assignment questions on my class website (which you can find by looking at my profile).

I'm not sure what made me want to start over. But I think part of the reason I wasn't publishing much was because I just wasn't that blog anymore. I'm someplace else. At least this is what I will say is the cause of not publishing.

I'm excited about my advanced lit./comp. class. I finally have a way of really helping the students definitely bound for college. I hope they like it too. Not only is this an exciting class for me to teach (I don't think I've ever taught a college prep. class), but it's also got the material I'm more interested in. I love my British literature and I love my history. Sorry, kids.

Anyway, cheers to a new beginning for myself, my class, and my blog!

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  1. I can see that the whole blog thing is really working for you. :P